Green Environmentally Friendly Printing In Syracuse NY

green printing in syracuseFull Color Offset Ink

We’re proud to use 100% Vegetable-Based Inks.

Rather than use a traditional, cheaper, petroleum base, Seaboard uses soy- and vegetable-based inks. Our ink contains more than 30% vegetable oil and a minimum of 55% bio-derived, renewable and sustainable raw materials. It is formulated without petroleum ink solvent and has extremely low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Water-based, aqueous coatings make our offset products 100% biodegradable.

Apparel Water-Based Ink
Optional water-based inks produce ultra-soft prints and are the most eco-friendly inks available. This option is used by organizations with a desire to maintain a green profile and by fashion-oriented companies looking for a soft-to-the-hand feel. Unlike traditional, plastic-based apparel inks, water-based inks are translucent. They also spread more when printing. As such, water-based designs should avoid fine detail and dark-colored garments. If you truly want to print green, apparel water-based ink is the way to go


  • We recycle all paper trimmings, unused paper products and press runs that do not meet our high quality standards.
  • Our house-stocked papers and boxes are warehoused by the truckload, reducing our semi-truck deliveries significantly.


  • To reduce landfill waste we regularly distribute ink to our presses via 55 gallon drums, as opposed to the standard five pound cans.
  • 100% recyclable aluminum plates from our offset press are collected and recycled monthly.

Shipping & Packaging

  • Whenever possible, vendor boxes are reused in order to minimize the need for new boxes in our apparel division.
  • All branded and unbranded shipping boxes are produced with at least 90% recycled material. Any virgin content is from Responsible Forest sources.

Responsibly Forested Paper
All of our papers are sourced from well-managed forests located in North America or Europe and certified by one of the three major organizations who follow the trees, pulp and paper through the entire chain of custody. Some are certified in all three!